The Business Incubation movement in the Rocky Mountain region has provided leadership in promoting entrepreneurship as an integral part of economic development for over 25 years.  Historically, the Colorado Business Incubation Association (CBIA) was the pioneer in this movement.   In May 2011, business incubation programs and entrepreneur service providers met in Ft. Collins, CO (at the Innosphere) to create an expanded association that serves the Rocky Mountain states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.  We invite you to join our collaborative of programs designed to shape the economy for the next 25 years and beyond.


The Rocky Mountain Incubation Collaborative (RMIC) offers both tangible and intangible benefits to members throughout the Rocky Mountain West.  This organization brings together a diverse array of programs with focuses that range from bioscience to clean-tech to commercial kitchens and locations that range from dense urban hubs to smaller non-metro communities.  Yet, every member brings a passion for entrepreneurship as a source for social and economic prosperity.  Your membership assists in funding RMIC activities that enhance public awareness of business incubation’s effectiveness.

RMIC adds value to its members through shared resources, and formal networks and programs.  This includes:

    • A Member Directory of business incubators and entrepreneurial support organizations (ESO’s).   This resource connects all the programs in our region.  The RMIC maintains a list of incubators, accelerators, coworking space and related ESO companies on our web site.
    • Access to our mentor and advisor (provider) network for incubator clients.   The RMIC members share resources across programs, thus giving member programs access to the unique tools, knowledge and expertise of all other member programs.  The result is that our clients have access to an incredible selection of specific and relevant support services.  The collaborative nature of this organization increases the strength of all its members and thus enhances entrepreneurship throughout our multi-state region.
    • Participation in our RMIC forums and peer meetings for sharing successful and best practices with incubator, accelerator, coworking and ESO professionals.
    • Members may request and receive RMIC technical assistance for communities interested in business incubation (additional costs beyond membership may be incurred).

RMIC is a newly expanded organization and has tremendous growth and impact potential.  The RMIC is a membership-led organization, so your membership enables your organization to become part of the development and expansion of the RMIC.  You will be the first to be offered the opportunity to sit on appointed committees that may be of interest to you, as well as becoming an active board member in accordance with the RMIC by-law qualifications.

RMIC members will receive important, current, industry information that will be of use to you in developing, expanding, and supporting your incubation programs.